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Note. For ease of interpretation the full title is replaced by a brief description. For the full title 'google' the BS (EN) number, or look in appendix 1 of 17th Edition wiring reg's (BS 7671:2008).

BS (EN) Numbers for the following: Switches/Main Switches, Fuses, RCCD's and RCBO's, MCB's, Consumer units and Distribution Boards, Accessories, Cables.


  • BS 3676 Switches for household and similar fixed installations.
  • BS 5419:1977 Specification for air-break switches, air-break disconnectors,air-break switch disconnectors and fuse-combination units for voltages up to and including 1000 V a.c. and 1200 V d.c.
  • BS EN 60947 Spec for low voltage switch gear and control gear.
  • BS EN 60947-3 Switches


  • BS 88 Cartridge fuses for up to 1000 V ac and 1500 V dc.
  • BS 1361 Spec for cartridge fuses in domestic and similar premises. Still current but replaced by BS 88-3:2007.
  • BS 1362 Spec for general purpose fuse links for 13A plugs etc.
  • BS 3036 Spec for Semi-enclosed /rewireable fuses up to 100A and 240v.

RCCD's and RCBO's

  • BS 61008 RCCB's
  • BS 61009 RCBO's

MCB's and MCCB's

  • BS 3871 As for 60898 but marked on older mcb's such as Wylex push in replacements. Speed characterised as Type 1,2,3 instead of B,C,D and rupture current may be less than for BS EN 60898.
  • BS EN 60898 Circuit Breakers for household and similar applications.
  • BS EN 60947-2 Spec for low voltage switchgear and control gear. Part 2 – moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB's).

Consumer Units and Distribution Boards

  • BS EN 60439-3 Covers control gear assemblies (consumer units) for use by unskilled people. Distribution boards.


  • BS 67 Spec for ceiling roses
  • BS 1363 13A plugs, socket outlets, connection units and adaptors.
  • BS EN 61184 Bayonet lamp holders. Replaces BS 5042


  • BS 5467:1997 SWA Cable
  • BS 6724:1997 SWA Cable LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen)
  • BS 5308 Part 1 Multi-core cable for industrial process applications. Type 1 has a CAM (Collective Aluminium Mylar) screen, polyethylene core insulation and a PVC sheath. Not armoured. Type 2 is CAM and SWA, this is widely used in the petrochemical industry. Type 3 Has an additional protection layer of lead alloy armour and polyethylene bedding.
  • BS 5308 Part 2 SWA multi-core Cable for instrumentation use. Type 1 is pvc insulated to BS 6746. Type 2 has screened cores, steel wire armour and a LSZH sheath.


  • BS 3535 Isolating transformers and safety isolating transformers. General requirements
  • BS EN 60742 Isolating transformers and safety isolating transformers. Requirements
  • BS EN 61558:1998 Safety of power transformers, power supply units and similar devices. General requirements and tests.
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